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6 tips for stacking your rings, how to stack rings, silver ring stacking, stackable ring tips, stackable rings, stacking rings -

What makes an effective ring stack?  How can I improve my look? Here are 6 practical tips.

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Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Maine Small Business Development Center, Production facility assistance, Wayne Messer AVCOG -

Through the Maine Small Business Development Center, we were connected with Wayne Messer. Wayne, an engineer by trade, is a consultant who works for the Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership whose mission is to help manufacturing businesses become more efficient and cost-effective in their production practices.  He works with manufacturers and all sizes of companies, the Silver Beehive Studio being one of the smaller ones. He was excited to visit our studio because it is not very often that he gets to consult with a company that is in the very early stages of building a production facility. He said, "It...

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Jewelry business startup, new jewelry collection, Opening new jewelry studio, Ready to begin new jewelry studio, silver beehive studio -

For the past 3 years, I have been creating “Haaaad” (hard, said with a strong Maine accent).  In my studio, I have created over 500 silver ring designs.  I have created some quality work (which required that I create a LOT of bad work, failures and crap before getting to the good stuff) WIth feedback from, three focus groups back in December, I now have 1st drafts of 16 different collections. In April, I released my first collection (Archetype Collection) a group of 15 textured bands.  In early July, this group of textured bands will be added to the Archetype...

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cast jewelry process, fabricating in wax, how to make lost wax ring, how to make silver ring, jewelry casting texture wax, jewelry lost wax process, lost wax proces for rings, lost wax process, lost wax process making silver texture rings, make lost wax ring, make silver ring, texture impressions in wax casting, texture rings lost wax, wax impression casting, wax ring for lost wax casting -

Making a simple texture ring has many steps and is more difficult than it might seem at first.  Here is the system I am currently using. You will need 'wax wires' or 'sprue wax' (available ar Rio and others) I keep a number of sizes in stock a 5 oz box will make a lot of rings.  You need warm water.  I have found that 122 f. is optimal for working with this type of wax.  I purchased a small crockpot at a thrift store that I use for this purpose. I regulate the temperature by unplugging and plugging it...

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how to size your ring, online ring purchase sizing, ring sizing, what size is my finger -

OK, we understand that buying rings online takes some courage!  Purchasing a ring in person, slipping it on your finger and getting the ‘feel’ of it is a BIG advantage.  Unfortunately, some of the coolest jewelry that matches your style, the stuff you find on Pinterest, Instagram and elsewhere on the internet are rarely available locally. Ordering the correct size for your finger can be the biggest challenge to successful online ring shopping.  All Silver Beehive Studio rings are listed in U.S. ring sizes, below is a link to conversions to your country's standard. Keep in mind that the width...

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