100 Day Project  'Unwearable Rings of 2020'

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100 Day Project 'Unwearable Rings of 2020'

What is a 100 Day project?  It is a self announced and moderated creative challenge where an artist creates a new work, based on a theme, each day, every day for 100 days.  I chose to begin my project on Sept 23 so it would end on December 31st, the last day of 2020.

What is the challenge?  Make 1 new 'Unwearable Ring' each day for the next 100 days!

Why Unwearable?  Making visually interesting rings, that are completely unusable as rings seems like an exceptional fit for the final 3 months of an exceptionally upside down 2020.

Wax or Silver?  I’ll make 100 wax models, one a day, that will periodically be cast sterling silver. Finished pieces will be posted on @mitman.studio.art my artist’s Instagram page. I will also share posts on how I make the rings on my studio Instagram page @silverbeehivestudio

For sale? Yup.  I intend to make all 100 unwearable rings, signed and numbered, available for sale once finished, on this website.

Do you have a plan for this project?  Not really. I’m going to see where it takes me.  I have a long list of why I think 2020 has earned this project.  Some of the pieces may directly relate to this list (Trump, Covid, human-created climate change, racism, etc.) others may simply be, interestingly dysfunctional.  

Will they be wearable as a ring?  Nope. these are deliberately unusable to wear on the finger.  Kind of like the unsuability of 2020.

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