Education/Classes. Introduction to Lost Wax Casting

We offer a number of different casting and jewelry classes here at the studio.  To our knowledge, our lost-wax casting studio is one of the most comprehensive setups in the state.  More complete than the Maine College of Art and Design in Portland.  Additionally, our primary instructor, Steve Mitman has over 33 years of art education classroom experience and has successfully taught this process to students as young 9 years old.  Mitman cast his first silver ring in 1988.

Intro to Lost Wax Casting: Class goals are to help each student: 1. become familiar with the creative process as it pertains to cast silver jewelry, 2. Learn basic wax techniques of connections, texturing, and basic wax fabrication skills 3. Learn practical finishing techniques using both hand and power tools and buffers. 4. Gain a basic overview of the entire lost wax casting process from the inception of an Idea to a polished silver ring.

Introduction to Lost Wax Jewelry Casting

Spring 2023 Registration via Franklin County Adult Ed (link):

Cast Silver Rings

Instructor: Steve Mitman

Location: Silver Beehive Studio. 

27 Ivy rd. Strong, Maine

5 weeks,

Tuesday 6-8:00 p.m.

March 28-May 2, 2023 (no class April Vacation week)

Age 14+


(note, this class has been extended from 4 weeks to 5)

Although $399 is not inexpensive, most student will make 6-10 silver rings during the class.  If students sold their work to friends and family or gave them away as gifts, many could easily recover the cost of the class or even profit from their efforts while learning an exciting new technique. 

In this studio class, students will learn basic wax fabrication and texturing skills, participate in casting their own jewelry and finally turn their raw cast rings into polished finished pieces. All students will create multiple silver rings. 

Students are likely to make 6-10 different silver rings in this 4-class Introduction to lost wax casting Class.  Important:  Up to 1 Oz. of sterling silver casting grain is included in the tuition for this class. If a student exceeds the included 1 oz. maxamum, the instructor will work with them to source additional silver.  In the past, students have used old silver coins, old unused (solid sterling) silverware, and other sterling objects for their cast jewelry designs.  Students can also purchase casting silver from the studio at 'cost +10%' which is the standard for most casting studios that teach classes.  For reference as of 3-3-2023 the casting grain price of sterling silver was around $26, for 1 t oz, of course the market price changes daily. 

This class is open to all interested people age 14 and older. 

Students will be given a list of recommended tools and materials to bring, but everything will be provided including up to 1 oz. of silver. The class will include demonstrations, structured skill-building activities, and creative exploration assignments.  A basic overview of the entire lost wax casting process from the inception of an Idea to a polished silver ring will be experienced in this class. 

Intermediate and advanced classes will follow for interested students.  

Instructor Stephan Mitman is a studio artist who has been casting unusual silver rings for over 35 years and teaching art for nearly as long. 

Have a question about the class?  Contact the instructor