Education, Lost Wax Casting , Classes, Workshops and Consulting

SBS offers several Lost Wax Jewelry Casting Classes, Workshops, Consulting, and Educational opportunities.

  • Introduction to Lost Wax Jewelry Casting (5 evening classes 2 hrs. each) 
  • 1-day (6 hours) is designed to accommodate metalsmith and jewelry artists students who live farther away from Strong, Maine so they only need to travel once. This teaches waxwork techniques, supports students to experiment and make wax models and once the class is over, we cast your waxes and mail them to you to finish in your own studio. $500 per day + expenses.  This 6-hour workshop can be broken into 2, 3-hour classes if requested. 
  • Advanced/Private/Custom classes are tailored to fit your specific needs. $600 per 6-hour day + expenses.  
  • Custom casting studio setup consulting $600 per 6-hour day + expenses.

    SBS offers customizable private or small group lessons.  We work with clients to design classes or workshops to meet specific needs including: 

    • basic wax working techniques
    • wax texturing
    • ring forming and fabrication
    • alternative lost wax materials
    • rubber mold making and injecting
    • Treeing
    • investing and casting
    • sprue removal
    • finishing and polishing
    • How to use the lost wax process to creatively experiment and 'fail fast' to uncover new design, and process breakthroughs. 

    If you are looking to setup or upgrade a casting operation in your studio we can help.

    Class goals are to help each student: 1) become familiar with the creative process as it pertains to cast silver jewelry, 2) learn basic wax techniques of connections, texturing, and basic wax fabrication skills, 3) learn practical finishing techniques using both hand and power tools and buffers, and 4) gain a basic overview of the entire lost wax casting process from the inception of an Idea to a polished silver ring.

    In the Intro to Lost Wax Casting class, students are likely to make 6-10 or more different silver rings.  Silver:  Up to 1 oz. of sterling silver casting grain is included in the tuition for this class. If a student exceeds the included 1 oz. maximum, students can purchase additional casting silver from the studio. 

    Students will be given a list of recommended tools and materials to bring, but everything will be provided including up to 1 oz. of silver. The class will include demonstrations, structured skill-building activities, and creative exploration assignments.  A basic overview of the entire lost wax casting process from the inception of an idea to a polished silver ring will be experienced in this class.

    Students who devote some thought to researching and organizing some potential project ideas on paper before the class begins are often more productive and are able to begin working with direction more quickly.  The instructor will work with students before the first class begins to facilitate this process.

    This class is open to all interested people age 14 and older.  

    Our primary instructor, Steve Mitman is currently working as a studio jewelry artist. He has over 33 years of art education classroom experience and has successfully taught this process to students as young 9 years old.  Mitman cast his first silver ring in 1988.

    Have a question about the class?  Contact the instructor