About Silver Beehive Studio

Formally created in April of 2019, the Silver Beehive Studio has been decades in the making.

Located in the middle of a maple syrup sugarbush in rural Western Maine, the 'barn' was framed in the summer of 2014 from local rough-sawn lumber by my teenage daughter and me before she went off to college.  The following year I began construction on a small studio space in part of the barn.  

Over the past few years, the space has transformed from a barn with a small studio space, to a large studio with a few barn things in the corner! 


We have built, rebuilt and increased the production capacity of the casting and finishing operation while continuing to develop and deepen creative collections.


The studio is constantly undergoing changes and modifications as our goals evolve.  At the core, the steady creation of new silver ring and earring designs is the top priority.  Creative exploration, experimentation, failure, elaboration, and finishing of designs is our process. 


Working creative studios evolve in focus over time and we are no exception.  In the past 1.5 years we hired a part-time employee and focused, hard-core, on developing, marketing, and retailing our collections to ‘make money’.  Then Covid hit, we lost our employee to graduate school and we reevaluated.  We are now thrilled to be focused 90% on creative exploration and only 10% on sales.  Q: But how can we pay the bills without focusing on selling jewelry?  A: day job!  We are both public school teachers (K-12 art teacher and K-4 math coach) who love what we do in the classroom.  Although challenging and time consuming, our teaching jobs allow us the freedom to create.

This too will change.  At some point down the road, production will play a larger role in the studio’s evolution as we continue to build the facilities and capacity to expand to 4-5 production employees.