Ring Sizing, How To

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Ring Sizing, How To

OK, we understand that buying rings online takes some courage!  Purchasing a ring in person, slipping it on your finger and getting the ‘feel’ of it is a BIG advantage.  Unfortunately, some of the coolest jewelry that matches your style, the stuff you find on Pinterest, Instagram and elsewhere on the internet are rarely available locally.

Silver texture unisex ring, dodgeball design

Ordering the correct size for your finger can be the biggest challenge to successful online ring shopping.  All Silver Beehive Studio rings are listed in U.S. ring sizes, below is a link to conversions to your country's standard. Keep in mind that the width of the ring can affect fit.  If you normally wear a size 7, you may find a 6.5 is a better fit if the ring has a thin/narrow shank, conversely a wide shank band may require that you increase your ring by a ½ to 7.5.   As you may have noticed, your fingers change size with different levels of activity and body temperature. It is a good idea to measure your ring size at different times of the day to get a more accurate size profile. Point of interest: as we get older, our knuckles naturally grow larger so overall your ring size will increase with age.

Classic silver texture ring called 'String of peas'

The most accurate methods are the ring sizing sets you can slip on your finger that are the same width of the ring you are purchasing.  Most people (incorrectly) focus on the knuckle. Yes, you need the ring to fit over the knuckle but you actually wear the ring above the knuckle. The knuckle should hold the ring in place and prevent it from falling off, even when your hand is cold or wet.  Therefore you want to have to give the ring a bit of a push to get it over the knuckle to a comfortable fit on the finger.


Amazon and other large retailers sell full-size metal and plastic ring sizing sets for under $10.  Google “full size, metal ring sizer set, rings size measurement tool”  They even make these in different widths so if you are hard-core, order a wide and narrow sizer set.

On-screen smartphone ring sizing method.  You read it correctly, if you are currently wearing a ring on your finger, this method will tell you what size it is.  These handy sites first have you calibrate your screen by sizing a standardized size object (credit card), then you place one of your rings over the screen to learn your size.  



Adjustable plastic ring sizer gauge.

For $3-4 (Etsy and Amazon) you can purchase an adjustable plastic ring sizing tool.  They are very inexpensive, lightweight and portable. These work OK but for another $5 you could have a full-size metal ring sizer set which is superior in my opinion.

RIng sizing using the paper or string method.

This method uses a strip of paper or non-stretchy string.  You cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger, then mark with a pencil.  This method will help you get close but I think you will find that a full-size ring sizer is more accurate.   Here is a link to a Wiki How article using this method:


Ring Size Chart by Country/region, unfortunately, there is no international ring size standard.  Here is a link to a conversion chart by country that is very helpful.


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