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After completing the grueling 100-Day project, ‘100 Unwearable Rings of 2020’ on January 1, I temporarily ‘checked out’ of social media content production.  I must say it has been a delightful winter break!  I took the time to chill out a bit, to step away from the mandatory creative demands of making a ring a day (after teaching all day) and to enjoy winter living in rural Maine a bit. We finally have some snow to work with, so snowshoeing and snowmobiling have become part of the routine.  My studio is divided into 2 rooms. The 12’ x 24’ Art...

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What is a 100 Day project?  It is a self announced and moderated creative challenge where an artist creates a new work, based on a theme, each day, every day for 100 days.  I chose to begin my project on Sept 23 so it would end on December 31st, the last day of 2020. What is the challenge?  Make 1 new 'Unwearable Ring' each day for the next 100 days! Why Unwearable?  Making visually interesting rings, that are completely unusable as rings seems like an exceptional fit for the final 3 months of an exceptionally upside down 2020. Wax or...

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