Putting the Pieces Together

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Putting the Pieces Together

For the past 3 years, I have been creating “Haaaad” (hard, said with a strong Maine accent).  In my studio, I have created over 500 silver ring designs. 

I have created some quality work (which required that I create a LOT of bad work, failures and crap before getting to the good stuff)

WIth feedback from, three focus groups back in December, I now have 1st drafts of 16 different collections.

In April, I released my first collection (Archetype Collection) a group of 15 textured bands. 

In early July, this group of textured bands will be added to the Archetype Collection, doubling its size. 

I am building a team of great people to help me grow the brand and improve the lives of our customers.


I have created great facilities, tooling, and equipment with room to expand.


The Silver Beehive Studio is perched at the edge of summer vacation, ready to put it all together, spread our wings and JUMP!   We have no idea where this journey will take us but it is going to be a great adventure, join us by subscribing to our mailing list, become part of the tribe.

With sincere thanks,      -Stephan Mitman

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