Preparing for My First Jewelry Focus Group

Preparing for My First Jewelry Focus Group

Holy crap, it’s getting real!

For the past 2 years I have been working on ring collections in near isolation. Working away in the woods, fabricating, experimenting, failing, elaborating and growing.  Over 500 designs.

Unidentified burger ring  .925

The time has come to put myself ‘out there’ and actively solicit feedback on this body of work.  In order to grow and move forward, to achieve the goals I have for myself, this step is absolutely necessary.  It is however also a bit TERRIFYING! Asking for feedback from people who know and purchase jewelry, people who have strong opinions has the potential to crush the fragile artist psyche.  

At the same time, I am craving honest feedback from those I respect. I am at a juncture in my work with hundreds of designs and ideas leading in many different directions. It is now time for critique, discussion and for setting new goals.

Captain Crunch ring  .925

I believe that the ‘Focus Group’ format will be the most useful way to gather feedback on specific aspects of my work.  I have read and watched everything I can find on how to structure and conduct a quality focus group. In order to get reasonably accurate results, I have learned that more than one focus groups is required.  I am currently putting the finishing touches on the, format, scripts and questions I will use in this process.

What will a focus group member be asked to do?  1. Show up 2. Meet and greet 3. Listen to a short presentation on: background and ground rules 4. Look at, try on and think about ring samples in both small and large groups 5. Respond to specific questions  6. Share preferences 7.Brainstorm, discuss and get hands on with collections. I anticipate that the focus group will take 60-90 minutes to conduct.

Uncomfortable ring .925 

Who is the ideal focus group membership? 6-10 fashion conscious woman (I’ll conduct a focus group for men at a later date) who purchase unusual, creative, handmade silver jewelry (without stones), preferably rings, at least twice a year. Do you know this woman?  Please email me if you are willing to share her contact information.

What will come from these focus groups?  Second and third generations of ideas and ultimately  final designs or ‘masters’. The masters will be used to make rubber molds for wax injection. Once those are finished, I will be ready to begin retailing my work in my online store.  I plan to open on April 1st, 2019.

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