From Master to Finished Ring, the First Collection Takes Shape

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From Master to Finished Ring, the First Collection Takes Shape

 Over the past 2.5 years, through many experiments failures and occasional successes, I have created 16 (very) different ring collections.

Close to 200 rings, grouped by collection, chosen with the help of focus groups, line the walls of my studio.  These will be developed, refined and ultimately released as quarterly (spring, summer, fall, and winter) collections over the next few years. 

Although these collections represent creative ideas, none of these first drafts are actually finished and ready to sell.  The family budget now requires that this creative venture begin generating some income!  Beginning in January, I switched gears to creating and casting 2nd and 3rd drafts of a relatively simple textured band collection to the point where I can make molds and begin production of multiple rings.  

Finishing, which involves filing, sanding, buffing, tumbling and polishing a new design is time-consuming and took months to complete. In Early March I sent a group of masters off to NYC to be professionally molded. 

The day this box arrived at my door was very exciting for me!

The rubber molds are injected with hot wax to produce a wax 'model'.  

Each model is inspected and custom sized for the customer.

The models are then 'treed' around a large center wax sprew.

The trees are then cast with molten silver (see previous blog posts for this process).

The newly cast jewelry is cut off the trees...

... then filed, sanded, tumbled, buffed, and oxidized before finally ending up with a ring for sale!  This first textured band collection will go on sale on April 21, 2019.  

To be informed when the next seasonal collection is being released, subscribe to the Silver Beehive Studio mailing list (add a link here).  Thanks for your interest! -Mit


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