Freaking Out!

Freaking Out!

OK had a little panic attack last night, “These rings aren’t good enough yet, the craftsmanship sucks! I’m not going to have anything to open the store with, I’M NOWHERE NEAR READY!!!”

As an art teacher, I have (a version of) this poster on my classroom wall.  The creative process is not a smooth comfortable ride but one that has crazy ups and downs.   

Christi talked me off the ledge, I bucked up and went back into the studio and got to work. I think that insecure moments of freaking out are just part of the process. The solution is generally to just take a walk but then ‘get back to work’.

I have been 100% focused on design ideas in wax and metal, ignoring the final finishing steps for so long that I forgot just how long it takes.  

So the goal is now to take the best-of-the-best and finish them to ‘showroom’ quality. These become the ‘masters’ from which, rubber molds will be made for production.  Work continues as I move closer to opening day on April 21st. Thanks for following along with me, actually, I'm not sure anyone is following along, could you leave a brief comment if you are actually reading this?!   Thank you! -Mit


  • Ruth

    Really great rings. Am loving the growth and design of this website.

  • Craig Cassel

    Oh the growing pains of opening a business and online marketing. I feel your pain but your rings lookvawsome. I will be first in line “virtually speaking”

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