Focus Groups Completed!

Focus Groups Completed!

What a whirlwind this past 2 weeks have been!

I conducted my first ever, focus groups in West Hartford CT and Kingfield, ME.  I have been preparing for months now, getting the work to an acceptable ‘finished’ level, selecting the pieces I would use, deciding what the collections would look like, numbering and photographing all the work.  A huge thank you to the entire Mitman family who were so supportive, in particular Christi my wife and Ruth my mother.

What were the participants asked to do?  After a short meet and greet I began a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation.  At this time I shared a visual history of building the studio, how my work is made, and why I now need help to sort through this large body of work.  

Next, participants were asked to use their comment sheets to indicate which designs they liked most.  325 silver rings were setup on velvet trays in 4 different stations. Participants spent about 15 minutes at each station examining, trying on and writing about the pieces that most moved them. I was so impressed at how seriously focused these folks were when viewing and commenting on the jewelry, the room was silent while they worked!  A huge thank you to the 24 people who took this process seriously and gave me some amazing feedback.

So now what?  I have begun the labor intensive and actually quite enjoyable process of collating the data into a usable form.  The bottom line goal is to identify the most popular designs and collections which will give me direction for the next 3 months of revisions that lead up to the April 21st online store opening.

Check back soon for an update on the next steps in the process to make meaningful collections that will help the wearer make their creative fashion statement.

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