Casting Sterling Texture Rings

Casting Sterling Texture Rings

TIme to cast the newest batch of designs!

Each individual ring model is mounted on a central wax stem (sprew) like branches on a tree. 

The trees are weighed before investing to help determine how much metal will be required in the process. 

Investment is the plaster-like material that will be poured around the trees to create that actual mold.

The flasks are allowed to cure for a few hours before the burnout process begins.

After a 20-hour burnout cycle, the flasks are ready to be cast.

After casting in the J2R casting machine...

The trees are pressure washed to remove any remaining investment.

Each piece needs to be clipped from the tree before the finishing process can begin. 

After some rough finishing on the 1" belt sander, pieces are pickled and sorted. 

Finishing continues and ends with polish and patina.  Although these are not completely finished yet, you can begin to see what the final design will look like.


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