6 Tips For Stacking Rings

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6 Tips For Stacking Rings

I love the idea of stackable rings.  Mostly because it means I can wear more cool jewelry!  I have noticed that some people ‘do’ stackable rings better than others. What makes an effective ring stack?  How can I improve my look? Here are some practical tips.

1.  Contrast! Between rings and between fingers, texture vs smooth, light vs dark, light finish vs dark finish, shine vs matte, raised vs smooth.   In order to stand out and be noticed, rings should stack next to rings that look different. 

2.  Ring width, one way rings can stand out is by varying ring thickness, mix it up.

3.  The lay, combine rings with an ‘element’ with textured bands. An element is something that stands up/out on a ring, like a stone.  Place an element ring with a few textured or smooth bands. See rule #6


4.  Work with what is in your jewelry box!  Start by laying out all your rings. I like to slip different combinations on a pencil to see what works well together.

5. Minimalist vs over-the-top. Is there room for stackables in minimalist fashion?  Yep, how about a simple double stack on one hand?

6. How many is too many? The first rule of fashion is that there are no rules.  However… in addition to ‘look’, let function and comfort guide you, your fingers need to remain usable, bend, grip and allow you to be productive.  Make a stack on a finger and see how it looks, remove what does not ‘work’ and repeat. The most successful formula to good fashion is EXPERIMENTATION!   

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