Seashell Band

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The Seashell Band is a perfect example of how the natural world features strongly in the Silver Beehive's creative process.

The Seashell Band's unique hammered look comes from an impression taken from an oyster shell at Old Orchard Beach. This ring will remind you of the early vacation mornings spent searching for complete shells before the beach fills with people. Bring a little slice of paradise with you year-round with this gleaming band. 

When coupled with other rings, the Seashell Band's simplicity creates a great contrast that enhances both rings.
  • Ring # 537
  • Sterling silver .925
  • ~ 3.7 mm wide by 2 mm thick band
  • Handcrafted to order in our Maine Studio
  • Made with responsibly recycled .925 sterling silver.  These materials are already above ground, relieving extra pressure to mine the earth for more metals.