Mycelium, vertebrae, statement necklace, one-of-a-kind.

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Mycelium, chicken vertebrae, polymer clay, sterling silver.

Unique, creative jewelry collection for those who want to stand out with classy one-of-a-kind 100% green renewable jewelry.  All necklace pieces are numbered and signed by the artist and filed in the digital collection catalog to establish provenance for the work. Precise and accurate provenance of artwork can greatly increase its value over time. 

Mycelium is the parent organism of mushrooms.  Oyster mushroom mycelium is used to grow the jewelry forms in this collection.  Once grown and deactivated, the forms are dipped in shellac or polyurethane to add strength.  Mycelium jewelry is remarkably lightweight making it ideal for large statement earrings and necklaces.  It is 100% 'green' and renewable as the mycelium grows on dead organic material so we are able to utilize agricultural waste products in the process.  Once grown and formed we creatively integrate and juxtapose additional objects such as precious metals, semi-precious stones natural and human-made objects to create the final piece.