Kayak Wake Band

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The Kayak Wake's gentle wave motion reminds us of gliding across the water. There is nothing like the weightless floating sensation of coasting on calm water in a kayak.

The Kayak Wake is a simple and elegant silver band that is stunning alone on the hand for the minimalistic fashion lover.  It also makes a wonderful spacer to separate more patterned or 'busy' textured bands if you are stacking your rings. 

Handcrafted in .925 sterling silver, the Kayak Wake band is a must-have for water lovers.
  • Ring # 612
  • Sterling silver .925
  • ~ 3.2 mm wide by 1.5 mm thick band
  • Handcrafted to order in our Maine Studio, U.S.A.
  • Made with responsibly recycled .925 sterling silver.  These materials are already above ground, relieving extra pressure to mine the earth for more metals.