Honeycomb Band

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The Honeycomb Band celebrates bees and their power to keep the cycle of life turning.

Honey bees are amazing.  They help pollinate over 80 important crops such as apples, onions, avocados, and many berries.  They also beat their wings 200 times a minute and have hair growing out of their eyes! Modeled after the honeycomb cells where bees store honey and raise their young, the hexagonal texture on this band will help you celebrate your connection to this remarkable insect. And let's face it, this beehive wouldn't be anything without its honeycomb. 

Handcrafted in .925 sterling silver, the Honeycomb band celebrates our symbiotic relationship with honeybees.
  • Ring # 593
  • Sterling silver .925
  • ~ 4.2 mm wide by 1.4 mm thick band
  • Handcrafted to order in our Maine, USA studio
  • Made with responsibly recycled .925 sterling silver.  These materials are already above ground, relieving extra pressure to mine the earth for more metals.