Fir Bough Band

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The Fir Bough Band was created with the impression from a genuine Maine fir bough.

Life in Maine is surrounded by amazing natural textures. The Fir Bough is an unusual and elegant ring crafted in sterling silver from an impression of a dried fir bough found on a beach in Casco Bay, Maine.  

Handcrafted in sterling silver, Fir Bough makes for a truly unique ring that will keep your friends guessing… Wear it solo or with a family of stacked companions!
  • Ring # 540
  • Sterling silver .925
  • ~ 3.5 mm wide by 2 mm thick band
  • Handcrafted to order in our Maine Studio
  • Made with responsibly recycled .925 sterling silver.  These materials are already above ground, relieving extra pressure to mine the earth for more metals.