100 Day Project, Unwearable Rings for 2020

A 100-Day Project is when an artist creates a new work, based on a theme, every day for 100 days.  I chose ‘Unwearable Rings for 2020’ where I will create visually interesting rings, that are completely unusable as rings.  

Like many of us, I have struggled with fear, anger, frustration, and wonderment in 2020.  The idea of an object of adornment and beauty that is completely dysfunctional in it’s intended use seems like a perfect fit for 2020.  As an artist, the act of channeling my emotions into a visual representation of this time is both challenging and therapeutic. 

Please join me by following my daily progress in the project on my Instagram pages @silverbeehivestudio for the making of the works and @mitman.studio.art for finished works.